Strategic consulting

Starting from a careful analysis of the customer’s corporate or personal brand, or just from a business idea that is still to be developed, Brand Care delivers a thorough targets definition and market analysis in which the client intends to affirm their presence. Subsequently, based on the results of this first phase, the team develops a comprehensive strategic plan that includes solutions for brand image, project management or corporate organisation management of the client, enabling the selection of tools and activities with which the identified processes will be populated. When the plan is being implemented, the consultancy can cover just the supervision of the setting up of the plan, or also the selection, co-ordination, creative and operational direction of the necessary resources.

Marketing & Brand Management

The marketing approach proposed by the Brand Care network is the “holistic” one: in addition to the use of classical disciplines and techniques, the team is able to propose and implement relational, internal, integrated and socially responsible marketing strategies. From the definition of business idea to business plan building, from market analysis to definition of format and strategies using all available tools and always looking for new ones. Among the most recent focus studied in depth are: direct marketing (ideal for personalised interaction with your target), ambient marketing (based on the importance of strategy localisation), heritage marketing (based on the use of “past” as added value or competitive advantage), brand entertainment (focused on audience emotional engagement).

Copywriting & Graphic Design

Brand Care network is able to design and realise any element related to the visual identity of a brand: from trademark to business card and office coordinates; from website layout and professional blogs to personalisation of “social” profiles; postcards, pamphlets and brochures, catalogues and publications of all kinds, as well as advertising campaigns for printing and web media, packaging, insignia and signage, window stickers and promotional material in general.
Brand Care can design and manage magazines, periodicals, and corporate house organs digitally or on paper: from content management and copywriting, to layout, and distribution. The design and distribution of a magazine closely linked to the brand makes it possible to expand its target audience and is a good institutional vehicle to “talk” with acquired or potential customers, whether individuals or other organisations.

Web & SEO

Brand Care‘s team is specialised in web architecture and SEO copywriting and is competent in structuring strategies for acquiring or improving the awareness and reputation of any brand. The network is able to support its customers in the choice of mobile, web and social networking tools that are best suited to the development of their business, to define their interaction, use and management strategies as well as to deal directly with their upgrading and updating . Architecture, editorial line, programming, graphic layout, text and multimedia content update, as well as the SEO and SEM setting, contest and campaign campaigns for blogs, websites, portals, ecommerce, apps, social network and social media, as well as their management strategies, may be partly or fully delegated to the Brand Care team.


Among the services offered by Brand Care network, the audiovisual production developed at every stage of the project: budgeting, preparation, scriptwriting, shooting, post-production and launch. Business presentations, training or informative videos, web or TV spots, mini-fictions, branded entertainment clips are just a few of the ways in which you can take advantage of “moving images” – live or in 2D and 3D animation – to build loyalty in your target, build business storytelling, and increase the appeal and the diffusion of your brand image.


Organising an event allows you to directly meet your own business community.
Brand Care supports its customers in designing, organising and implementing small and large initiatives in every aspect and detail (including the gadgets selection and personalisation), so that they are in line with the brand image and aimed at achieving the agreed business objectives: round tables, conferences, informal exhibitions, talks, aperitifs, theme nights with theatre or cinematic shows, incentive and team building and training weekends.


Designing, organising, launching and implementing activities in the field of education by carefully defining content, selecting and coordinating lecturers and creating learning support materials is another service that the Brand Care network can provide to companies and professionals. Depending on the specific needs of the client, individual lessons, courses and master’ courses are offered to top management, staff members of the organisation, or outside audiences. Among the most required topics are: brand management, marketing, communication, graphic design, web development and SEO, blogging and social media management, audiovisual production, public speaking, web writing and content management.

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